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That is, you can reuse your content, ask users to subscribe to emails, and more.
Knowing these factors, we can conclude that the advantage of a website lies in greater control over content and publication, whereas social networks are susceptible to other content that can damage a company's reputation.
Which is better and how to maintain the balance between webpage or social network?
So which is better, a web page or a social network? A website will always be  your  own, a website that you own and you can control as much as you want.

Plus, it's a face-to-face hub, and social networking is a marketing tool that you can take full advantage of. If you want to be successful, you have to develop a marketing strategy, and even though you have a website, you have to involve social networking.
You can balance the two options, where the website is your main hub of activity and the social network complements it.
One way to do this is to re-use content from your website, putting your content on the web and enhancing the spread of your message.
However, deciding whether a web or a website is better for a company should be based on how the strategy is designed to meet the needs and growth of the market.
Ideally, the strategy should consider a balanced use of the company website and social networking; these two options must coexist organically, forming a strong bond that contributes to the growth and stability of the company.